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accreditated certification body - what we do and how we do it

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Why choose ADRIACERT:

  • Our auditors are people on average with about 30 years of work experience and an average of 15-20 years of auditing experience in various types of private and public sector organizations.
  • In our team we have engineers, economists, physicians, chemists, lawyers, technologists, experts with Ph.D. degree, and full university professors.
  • We fully comply with audit policies in accordance with IAF documents, which guarantees a competitive price and a clear cost calculation without hidden contingent expenditures.
  • Our entire certification process is under the control of our own software solution that we have developed for our own needs.

What you have to do to become certification ready by  ADRIACERT experts?

An organization wishing to introduce a management system according to a selected standard should do the following:

    • Decide on introducing a management system (quality, environment, security, ISMS, BCM … .etc)
    • Develop implementation Project Plan (essential for larger Companies or complex management systems)
    • Determine a responsible person (quality manager, or environment or integrated system manager)
    • Provide sufficient information and education for managers, internal auditors and employees
    • Create documentation of the management system
    • Apply prescribed documents in your business by keeping records
    • Perform internal audits
    • Eliminate possible non-conformities
    • Make a management review

… and call ADRIACERT to kick off certification process.

Procedure what ADRIACERT should perform in order to carry out certification process in your organization

  • Contacting ADRIACERT, providing basic information about the organization seeking certification,
  • Based on your application, ADRIACERT will provide you with a Customer Questionnaire. Please complete it as closely as possible to calculate the exact number of audit days we need to spend on your organization throughout the certification cycle.
  • ADRIACERT submits a binding offer
  • Acceptance of the offer and conclusion of the certification agreement
  • ADRIACERT will suggest an audit team.
    Conducting Stage1 audits.

    • If your organization is larger, with multiple locations, shift work, dangerous work environment, than we will visit your locations, familiarize ourselves with the processes and review the system documentation, and produce a Stage1 audit report.
    • In the case of a smaller organization that does most of its work as an office, a stage1 audit could be conducted without going to the field by remote auditing or just by reviewing your documentation (desk audit).
  • Determining the time for a 2nd stage audit in your organization, and development of Audit Plan.
  • Conducting Audits Across the Organization. Stage 2 Audit Report.
  • Conducting technical acceptance of the entire certification project, based on which the decision on issuing the ADRIACERT certificate is made either by the ADRIACERT CEO, or Certification Manager or other competent auditor.

Advanced auditing techniques (AAT)

If your organization is building a process-oriented management system, vertical and horizontal processes are recognized and documented, measured and managed, and a risk management system is established, enhanced customer satisfaction system is established then our auditors can perform AAT. Only from such a management system and from such audits your organization will have long-term business benefits and guaranteed growth. Check us out.


The certificate is valid for three years from the decision date  on its issuance. Before the expiration of this deadline, a recertification audit is carried out, which is similar to the content, but less than the certification audit. The recertification audit takes about 2/3 of the time the first certification audit lasted. During a three-year period, a short-term surveillance audit is carried out each year to ensure continuous maintenance and improvement of the certified management system.

Certification mark

After awarding the certificate, ADRIACERT provides its clients with a certification mark, which is subject to special and precisely defined rules of use, which you can download HERE.


In addition to the certification of the system according to the international norms and regulations, based on which an adequate certificate is issued, we also preform pre-certification, ie, pre-certification audit. Therefore, the audit is carried out as a certification, and thereafter the client submits a very concise report on all inaccuracies, omissions and nonconformities.

Pre-certifications are suggested to companies that have worked on their system independently without consultants, who are insecure in the internal audit that they want to have a completely clear situation on the certification. Certainly, it is recommended to companies certified by various unverified and not accredited certification firms where the management system does not actually exist.

Pre-certification is also very useful if you want to check if your organization is ready for advanced auditing techniques to be applied.

Pre-certification audit is a separate project, which is separately paid under a pre-certification agreement.

Important note: Pre-certification audit can not be recognized as a certification.

If you want to arrange pre-certification click here.

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