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accreditated certification body - what we do and how we do it

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ADRIACERT Ltd.  is an international certification body. We cover Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro, and are expanding, both in terms of scope of activity and territorial. We provide certification of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, and many more…

Mission Statement

Provision of top-level professional certification services of process-oriented risk based value added audits of various management systems. Raising the business capability of our clients is our primary goal.

Vision Statement

Become and remain a trusted and respected partner to the private and public sector in the region in auditing and certification of the management systems according to international standards.

Our Policy

ADRIACERT fundamental slogan is: Our knowledge is your advantage

ADRIACERT Business Policy is aimed at fully meeting the needs and expectations of customers in the process of certification of the management system in accordance with internationally recognized norms, laws and regulations. Through our services we share and exchange knowledge and experience in the belief that we contribute to the development of knowledge-based society and the best quality products and services. In this way, we want to contribute to improving the ability of clients operating on the domestic and international markets.

With its work, we strive for independence and impartiality by putting our available knowledge and resources into service delivery, which are always available to everyone under equal conditions irrespective of their size, scope or seat. Our activity is public and non-profit and is not aimed at gaining profits but in the direction of helping clients develop their business.

We guarantee the quality of our services by professionalism, public work, compliance with norms, laws and regulations governing the operations of certification bodies with emphasis on the independence of any consulting services in establishing a management system.

For our employees and external auditors, we choose motivated high-professional people with entrepreneurial thinking and behavior that, through the breadth of their ideas, expertise, competences and rich practical experience and education and training, constantly improve the quality and services of ADRIACERT d.o.o.

We pay special attention to public open and objective information, our services, pricing and certification process. We have set the demanding goal of achieving market share in fair and transparent competition with high quality and innovative service and recognizable image. That is why we are ready to exchange experience and cooperation with national and international organizations and people by taking active part in national and international professional associations, committees and commissions.

We are able to find complete solutions for each client and enable him to have a lighter and more successful performance on the domestic and foreign markets.

Statement of impartiality

ADRIACERT works totally impartially and equally to individuals, companies and institutions of all activities, structures and sizes in the Republic of Croatia and beyond.

ADRIACERT’s services are open to all organizations under the same conditions regardless of their business, size, or seat.

ADRIACERT’s decisions are based only on objective indicators of compliance with the norm or regulation chosen, and achieved objective results, and other interests may not be affected by them.

Employees and associates of ADRIACERT do not provide consulting services to companies that certify and avoid any conflicts of interest. ADRIACERT does not audit other certification bodies, nor does it carry out internal audits in the organizations it certifies. ADRIACERT does not use advisory organizations to undertake audits. In order to avoid any potential conflicts of interest and threats of impartiality, ADRIACERT conducts risk analyzes and acts proactively in avoiding conflicts of interest and does not accept certification of management systems in organizations where there is a doubt that advisory services are conducted in a manner that questions impartiality or when the association between the organization and the certification body is an unacceptable risk of impartiality.

Certification activities of ADRIACERT are never promoted together with the services of advisory organizations, nor the selection of any consulting company can affect the simplification, ease, speed, or cheaper of the client auditing process.

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