EN 15017:2005



The norm is very applicable in various utility companies that manage the city’s cemeteries. It is also recommended to implement ISO 9001 together with EN 15017. Utility companies are also obliged to implement GDPR. This European standard prescribes conditions for providing funeral services. This European standard does not apply to product-related technical requirements. Health and safety requirements are not covered by this European standard.
What are the basic principles of the EN 15017: 2005 standard?
1. European standard EN 15017: 2005 ensures the quality of funeral services, including the highest degree of compassion and respect for deceased and deceased, in compliance with local regulations in force.
2. The standard is intended to establish the transparency of funeral services, principles and price policy for consumers. It contains framework recommendations that include provisions of national laws and the tradition of ethical, cultural and regional funeral rituals as well as hygienic and ecological considerations.
3. The standard prescribes appropriate services as well as information requirements that must be met by the management of the Association or the director of a funeral enterprise. The standard rounds up the profile of vocational qualifications and further training of members of the management board or the director of the funeral enterprise, as well as other permanent staff.
Why is this standard required?
We need to improve our own work, increase efficiency, competitiveness and the satisfaction of the users and workers employed by the organizations that provide post-mortem services.
Or, in other words, introducing this standard into affiliates’ business means that it will be more organized, disciplined, responsive and steady progress, that all essential activities will be documented, and all the knowledge will be used to continuously improve the quality of work.