ISO 55001:2014

An excellent and highly effective system by which the company proves that they have put their assets into creating additional and / or new value. This system is well integrated with ISO 9001: 2015 and other new generation standards, and can serve as a good basis for the implementation of ISO 27001 and GDPR (but not a requirement). ISO 55001: 2014 specifies requirements for a property management system within the organization context.

ISO 55001: 2014 can be applied to all types of assets and for all types and sizes of organizations.

Almost every organization needs or wants to achieve more with its assets. Not only how to minimize downtime or lost production but also how to spend good money to achieve value for the purpose of organization.

In recent years, many companies have begun to understand the importance of asset management as a business strategy that will, properly implemented, improve financial results. Typical asset management system results include improved day-to-day control and business efficiency, reduced risk-related costs, regulatory compliance and reduced failure rate. Tangible results include a significant increase in profitability with dramatic fall in unit costs.